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LABI Releases 24th Annual Legislative Scorecard

September 7, 2022

Baton Rouge, LA (September 7, 2022) – Today the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) released its 2022 Legislative Scorecard, highlighting legislators inside the State Capitol who supported pro-business legislation in this year’s regular session. LABI, the state’s chamber of commerce and manufacturing association, worked with a bipartisan group of legislators and stakeholders to push for student-focused education reform, historic infrastructure investments and stabilizing the Unemployment Trust Fund. 

“This Scorecard celebrates the legislators that unwaveringly stood with LABI and the Louisiana business community throughout this legislative session,” said LABI President and CEO Stephen Waguespack. “Common sense education reforms were passed, historic infrastructure funding was secured and legislation to put harmful ITEP policy in the constitution was defeated. We want to honor the work done during this year and term by a scrappy legislature refusing to be satisfied with the status quo. These legislators have scored some impactful wins, and this year’s scores reflect that.” 

In the end, votes on key bills impacting the business community were scored. Issues were prioritized by LABI members with their expertise and input through issue councils and cemented in LABI’s annual Program of Work that guides the organization’s advocacy. The criteria outlined in the Program of Work determines the weight each piece of legislation carries throughout the session and guides the final votes selected for the annual analysis.  

The Scorecard, which for decades has served as a valuable tool for LABI members and the public in knowing where Louisiana’s legislators stand on critical business issues, is also featured as a special section within the pages of LABI’s statewide business publication, 5th & Main, which hits mailboxes in October. 

“While progress was made during this term, the fight is just beginning,” said Waguespack. “Next fall is the most important election Louisiana has had in generations. The outcome of the 2023 cycle will have a tremendous impact on Louisiana’s future and the business community. If we want to see true progress and economic greatness for our state, we’ve got to build upon the work of these legislators. We’ve got to demand boldness, strive higher and support stronger.” 

To read more on LABI legislative wins, click HERE. Keep reading as LABI highlights the legislators that made those wins happen. 


Leading those high scores, 40 legislators were named as “Most Valuable Policymakers” (MVPs), scoring a perfect 100 percent on bills important to LABI and the state’s business community. Those members are:  


Sen. Bret Allain (District 21)

Sen. Heather Cloud (District 28)

Sen. Sharon Hewitt (District 1)

Sen. Robert Mills (District 26)

Sen. Beth Mizell (District 12)


Rep. Beau Beaullieu (District 48)

Rep. Ryan Bourriaque (District 47)

Rep. Rhonda Butler (District 38)

Rep. Dewith Carrier (District 32)

Rep. Jean-Paul Coussan (District 45)

Rep. Paula Davis (District 69)

Rep. Phillip DeVillier (District 41)

Rep. Mary DuBuisson (District 90)

Rep. Rick Edmonds (District 66)

Rep. Gabe Firment (District 22)

Rep. Bryan Fontenot (District 55)

Rep. Barbara Freiberg (District 70)

Rep. Foy Gadberry (District 15)

Rep. Ray Garofalo (District 103)

Rep. Jonathan Goudeau (District 31)

Rep. Mike Huval (District 46)

Rep. John Illg (District 78)

Rep. Barry Ivey (District 65)

Rep. Mike Johnson (District 27)

Rep. Timothy Kerner (District 84)

Rep. Jack McFarland (District 13)

Rep. Scott McKnight (District 68)

Rep. Wayne McMahen (District 10)

Rep. Bob Owen (District 76)

Rep. Thomas Pressly (District 6)

Rep. Troy Romero (District 37)

Rep. Laurie Schlegel (District 82)

Rep. Alan Seabaugh (District 5)

Rep. Vinney St. Blanc (District 50)

Rep. Polly Thomas (District 80)

Rep. Chris Turner (District 12)

Rep. Debbie Villio (District 79)

Rep. Bill Wheat (District 73)

Rep. Mark Wright (District 77)

Rep. Jerome ‘Zee’ Zeringue (District 52)

Overall, 29 legislators earned the ranking of “All-Stars,” scoring 90 percent or higher on legislation important to LABI and the state’s employers. Those All-Star members are:   


Senate President Page Cortez (District 23) 

Sen. Mark Abraham (District 25) 

Sen. Mike Fesi (District 20) 

Sen. Cameron Henry (District 9) 

Sen. Patrick McMath (District 11) 

Sen. Barry Milligan (District 38) 

Sen. Barrow Peacock (District 37) 

Sen. Mike Reese (District 30) 

Sen. Kirk Talbot (District 10) 


House Speaker Clay Schexnayder (District 81) 

Rep. Beryl Amedee (District 51) 

Rep. Daryl Deshotel (District 28) 

Rep. Raymond Crews (District 8) 

Rep. Julie Emerson (District 39) 

Rep. Les Farnum (District 33) 

Rep. Larry Frieman (District 74) 

Rep. Dodie Horton (District 9) 

Rep. Tanner Magee (District 53) 

Rep. Joe Marino (District 85) 

Rep. Danny McCormick (District 1) 

Rep. Blake Miguez (District 49) 

Rep. Nicholas Muscarello (District 86) 

Rep. Richard Nelson (District 89) 

Rep. Chuck Owen (District 30) 

Rep. Neil Riser (District 20) 

Rep. Rodney Schamerhorn (District 24) 

Rep. John Stefanski (District 42) 

Rep. Phillip Tarver (District 36) 

Rep. Francis Thompson (District 19) 

20 legislators earned “Honorable Mentions,” scoring 80 percent or higher on legislation important to LABI and its members are: 


Sen. Louie Bernard (District 31) 

Sen. Franklin Foil (District 16) 

Sen. Jeremy Stine (District 27) 

Sen. Glen Womack (District 32) 

Sen. Stewart Cathey (District 33) 


Rep. Michael Echols (District 14) 

Rep. Aimee Freeman (District 98) 

Rep. Greg Miller (District 56) 

Rep. Kathy Edmonston (District 88) 

Rep. Joe Orgeron (District 54) 

Rep. Lance Harris (District 25) 

Rep. Sherman Mack (District 25) 

Rep. Buddy Mincey (District 71) 

Rep. Stephanie Hilferty (District 94) 

Rep. Valerie Hodges (District 64) 

Rep. Roy Daryl Adams (District 62) 

Rep. Tony Bacala (District 59) 

Rep. Larry Bagley (District 7) 

Rep. Stuart Bishop (District 43) 

This year’s LABI MVPs, All-Stars and Honorable Mentions will be honored by LABI members on November 10, 2022, at LABI’s annual Business & Boots: Free Enterprise Awards alongside other businesses and individuals who have proven their exemplary commitment and contributions to their local communities and improving the state’s business climate. More information on the LABI Free Enterprise Awards can be found HERE. 

LABI encourages Louisianans to visit to review this year’s report explaining LABI’s 2022 priorities, the outcome of the recent session, descriptions of the bills used in the Scorecard analysis, the individual legislative scores and the detailed methodology behind the scores.