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LABI Member Testimonials

From the moment you walk into LABI, you are reminded of its unwavering commitment to free enterprise. I know those principles will enable Louisiana to be a better place, not just for our manufacturing business and growth, but for the attraction, retainment, and growth of all business and talent.

Nathalie Simon

Special Counsel to CEO, Laitram, LLC

Baton Rouge General is committed to providing care to our communities, but our success relies on the success of the people we serve. LABI’s free enterprise advocacy and member collaboration creates an environment for economic growth in both our community and our state, allowing us to continue to grow the services we provide for the people of Louisiana.

Edgardo Tenreiro

CEO, Baton Rouge General

Lipsey’s is a proud and longtime partner with LABI.  Our relationship ensures that we have a voice of leadership in the business and industry sector.  LABI’s strong membership encourages economic development for all Louisiana businesses locally, nationally, and worldwide.  

Mark Emonet

Senior VP, CFO, Lipsey’s LLC.

LABI has been a great ambassador for our industry and fights to make Louisiana better for business. Without LABI, we would not have gotten tax reform done. Having LABI fight every day levels the playing field for all businesses in Louisiana!  

Scott Ballard

Owner, Ballard Brands, LLC.

I most appreciate LABI’s pro-activeness.  Many industry groups spend their time and energy focused on the negative, fighting mostly rearguard actions.  LABI gets involved early, when there is still a chance to treat conversations and policy making as opportunities, not just problems to defend against.

Jude Melville

CEO, b1 Bank

LABI is truly the glue between business and government. For a small business like ours, it is comforting to know that the team at LABI is not only looking after our needs, but the needs of all Louisiana-based businesses. We are truly blessed as a business community to have this organization in our state.

Meryl Kennedy Farr

President/Managing Partner, Kennedy Rice Mill LLC

We believe LABI is a valuable strategic partner because they give us space and opportunity to have our voices heard regarding critical issues affecting small businesses like ours.

Eric Dexter

Director of Business Development, Civil Solutions Consulting Group, Inc.

LABI plays a crucial role for Louisiana businesses, both large and small. Its influence in the legislative process is powerful and essential to helping ensure sound public policy and strong economic growth for our state and entire business community.

Marty Mayer

President & CEO, Stirling Properties

LABI is a great partner to our dynamic energy industry, helping us bring value to Louisiana’s citizens. LABI’s team of experts consistently advocates for pro-business policies to support a stronger workforce, to attract investment to Louisiana and to ensure a prosperous future for industry and communities across the state.

Angela Zeringue

Manager, Baton Rouge Plastics Plant

It is important that businesspeople engage at all levels of government to promote good policy and oppose bad policy. LABI is the “one stop shop” for all of the above.  As a business owner, I cannot go to every meeting and attend every committee hearing.  But I can through LABI, still have a seat at the table. LABI has an established track record in areas such as tort reform, tax reform, education policy, work force development, election results, judicial reform, the list goes on…It all supports the fact that LABI is not only the largest business lobby group in the State, but also the most effective lobby group in Louisiana.

Tom O’Neal

President, O’NealGas