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Current Session Issues.

The last two years have been challenging for businesses and families alike, with an ongoing pandemic, numerous natural disasters and economic uncertainty. The 2022 legislative year presents an opportunity to take proactive steps for a focused pivot to a path for normalcy that begins to prioritize economic growth for Louisiana. This year will also mark an important milestone for Louisiana’s future as the state Legislature will reassess and redraw representation maps to adjust for population changes recorded in the most recent census. LABI will urge the Governor and Legislature to prioritize policies that create jobs, lower bureaucratic barriers and target educational growth for our students after two years of frustration, shortages and unprecedented governmental intervention in the marketplace.

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Louisiana legislative regular session will convene at noon on March 14, 2022. Final adjournment will take place no later than 6 p.m. on Monday, June 6, 2022.

We encourage LABI members to join us at the Capitol to weigh in during hearings throughout the session. Please contact LABI’s Jim Patterson at for more information on how you can offer testimony.