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LABI Releases Policy Recommendations for Liability Reform in Wake of COVID-19

May 5, 2020

Today, LABI released policy recommendations to help protect the state’s job creators from the threat of excessive and frivolous lawsuits in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Right now, Louisiana’s economy is experiencing an unprecedented crisis,” said LABI President Stephen Waguespack. “As businesses start to recover, they should be able to focus on getting their employees back to work and opening their doors without living in constant fear of being sued.”
LABI’s recommendations include specific measures designed to prevent opportunistic lawsuits against essential infrastructure companies who have worked to comply with the COVID-19 guidance provided by government authorities. In addition, LABI suggests that the Legislature take action to protect healthcare facilities and their workers, first responders, and producers of PPE and other protective materials.
The recommendations also include addressing two persistent barriers to business growth, high auto insurance rates and coastal litigation, which have inflicted even greater financial hardship on Louisiana’s job creators during the pandemic.
Waguespack added: “The Legislature recognizes that COVID-19 is both an economic and a health crisis. Passing common sense legal reform and ending coastal lawsuits will put money back in the pockets of Louisianans as we work to rebuild our state’s shattered economy.”  
To read LABI's complete recommendations, click HERE.