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LABI Applauds Ruling Blocking Biden Admin’s LNG Pause

July 2, 2024

Baton Rouge, La. – Following yesterday’s ruling by a federal judge blocking the Biden administration’s pause on LNG permitting, the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) issued the following statement on behalf of General Counsel Lauren Hadden.

“Yesterday’s decision ending the current pause on LNG projects is a significant win for this country’s energy industry and, more importantly, Louisiana. No state is more equipped or prepared to lead the country’s energy sector at home and abroad than Louisiana.

“For too long, President Biden’s permitting freeze has jeopardized global energy security, the economy, and global climate progress, all of which are vital to our state, our nation, and our partners abroad. This decision lifting the moratorium will enable Louisiana to continue attracting, retaining, and expanding LNG investments, while ensuring the continued viability of the LNG market right here in Louisiana. These projects, which promote the long-term sustainability of the energy industry, are an environmental success story which should be celebrated, rather than blocked, around the world.

“We applaud Judge Cain and our industry partners who have worked tirelessly since the January announcement to end this freeze and enable free enterprise to deliver natural gas for our citizens and the world.”