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Slight Improvement, But Louisiana Still Named A “Judicial Hellhole”

December 9, 2020

BATON ROUGE, LA (December 9, 2020) – Though the state moved down a spot in the rankings, Louisiana’s toxic legal climate earned it the #5 spot among the nation’s “Judicial Hellholes.” It’s the eighth year in a row the Bayou State has graced the list of hellholes, deemed the most unjust local courts and state civil justice systems in the country.
Compiled by the American Tort Reform Association (ATRA), the annual report shines a spotlight nine Judicial Hellholes in all. The Judicial Hellholes report pinpoints Louisiana’s “tort tax” at $1,600 per household – that’s the hidden cost of living in a state with so many frivolous lawsuits. Those excessive costs associated with our litigious state means nearly 20,000 jobs lost and $1.2 billion in personal income lost annually.
“While we’re pleased Louisiana’s landmark legal reform effort at the Legislature was singled out as positive progress, ATRA’s report is a clear reminder that we have much work to do in ensuring our legal system, including our courts, is a fair and level playing field for all involved,” said Lauren Chauvin, LABI’s Director of Civil Justice and LABI’s Judicial Program. “Continuing this work is critical for economic opportunity in Louisiana, most notably – as the report points out – for our oil and gas sector and the chilling ripple effect coastal lawsuits have had on all of us, to the tune of 2,000 jobs and $70 million in earnings lost. We’ll continue this push, but it’s only part of what makes Louisiana lag in terms of our legal climate. We must work to modernize our judiciary to be the transparent, accountable, ethical branch of government we need in order to ensure equal justice for all citizens.”
The full Judicial Hellholes report can be found HERE.

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