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Stephen Waguespack Breaks Down The Tort Reform Bill

June 15, 2020

Stephen Waguespack with LABI was on the show to explain why Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed the tort reform bill that would have attempted to lower Louisiana residents’ car insurance rates.  Stephen breaks down the Governor’s reasons for vetoing the bill and he discusses whether the legislator will try to override the veto or re-do the bill in a more clear cut way to see if the Governor will sign it.  Then, he talks about changes that might be made to the bill and how the goal is to lower car insurance rates by 10%.  Stephen also explains how businesses continue to re-open and what future funding will be provided to struggling companies.  Finally, he shifts his attention back to bills for the special session.  He talks about some of the most important bills in the special session and whether or not they will be passed. To listen, click HERE.