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Senate President Page Cortez tells the state’s business lobby now is the time for tort reform

February 11, 2020
Originally posted on Louisiana Radio Network

Legislative leaders tell the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry that lawmakers will seek to reform the state’s lawsuit climate in an effort to lower auto insurance rates. The Senate stymied tort reform efforts last year, but Senate President Page Cortez doesn’t expect that to be the case in the upcoming session.

“The makeup of the committees are more reflective of the electorate and we have 27 Republicans and 12 Democrats so each committee is going to have a majority just by the pure numbers of Republicans on it,” said Cortez.

The 2020 Regular Session begins on March 9th.

Trial lawyer groups have historically been major funders in Louisiana politics and stand to lose work if proposed jury trial limits were to pass. Cortez says he’s not concerned their cash will derail the effort.

“From what I see we have an independent-minded Senate and I think that the members of the Senate are going to vote for what their constituency wants,” says Cortez.

During his speech later in the day, Governor Edwards says he was open to working with the Legislature on tort reform.