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Pelican Institute lauds ‘greater transparency’ of LABI’s legal advisory council

August 29, 2019
Originally posted on The Louisiana Record

The Pelican Institute for Public Policy, supports an initiative designed to bring greater transparency to the state's court system.

An effort being undertaken by the Louisiana Association of Business & Industry (LABI) to evaluate judges and take positions on important court cases is a “step in the right direction,” according to Daniel Erspamer, CEO of the Pelican Institute.

“Much work is needed from many different fronts to reform a legal system rampant with lawsuit abuse and short on sunlight,” Erspamer said.

The Pelican Institute is a research and educational organization that conducts research and determines what would help advance sound policies based on free enterprise, individual liberty, and constitutionally-limited government, according to its website.

The LABI is creating a legal advisory council to evaluate judges, their decisions, and how those affect the business community, as well as Louisianans.

“More information – not less – should be available to citizens and voters on judges and their role in the state’s legal system, and we applaud anyone willing to step in and fill that void,” Erspamer said.