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Pelican Institute: LABI’s 2019 scorecard shows progress, areas for improvement

September 24, 2019
Originally posted on The Louisiana Record

The Pelican Institute for Public Policy, working to improve awareness about issues such as state government leadership and tort reform, said the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry's 2019 scorecard is a clear indicator of priorities for the state moving forward.

The 2019 scorecard included an in-depth analysis on how each legislator voted on some of the issues that are most pertinent to the business community as well as the economy. Instead of only examining the 2019 session as a whole. This year’s scorecard dissects the progress of the past four years.

“It is important we identify and support both Republican and Democratic lawmakers who are committed to embracing a new vision for jobs and opportunity for all Louisianans,” Renee Amar, the Pelican Institute's vice president of government affairs, told the Louisiana Record. “This fall presents a crossroads, and after years of repeated budget crises and failing rankings in nearly every category, it is time we empower leaders who will champion fundamental reforms to the state’s budget, fiscal and constitutional structures.”

According to LABI president Stephen Waguespack, there were some clear victories that Louisianans should be pleased about in 2019, but more reform is needed. 

“This year, LABI led the way with a proactive effort to enact comprehensive tort reform, seek taxpayer fairness, and improve the economy,” Waguespack said. “Although opposed by the administration throughout the legislative process, a bill to require simple refunds of unconstitutional state taxes was signed into law by the governor. A major infrastructure funding package is now law that repurposes settlement funds from the Deepwater Horizon incident, and a statewide ridesharing bill passed after years of defeat in the Senate Judiciary A Committee.”

Amar asked voters in Louisiana to remember the issues of budget and reform when they head to the polls this fall.

“We hope Louisianans will keep these vital traits in mind as they talk to candidates this fall, and this scorecard may help in identifying those characteristics,” Amar said.