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Louisiana House unanimously passes statewide ridesharing legislation

April 29, 2019
Originally posted on KALB

The Louisiana House of Representatives unanimously passed a statewide framework for ridesharing in the state, just as more than 40 states across the country have passed. Now, Louisianians have the opportunity to call on their senators to act by signing the Let’s Geaux Louisiana Coalition’s online petition.

HB 575 now moves to the Senate. For the past two years, similar bills have passed the Louisiana House of Representatives, but did not receive a vote in the Senate.

“For the third year in a row, the House has overwhelmingly passed one clear set of rules for ridesharing in Louisiana,” said Representative Tanner Magee (R-District 53). “Allowing the rest of the state to have access to rideshare services is not a privilege – it is a need. I invite all Louisiana residents to join me in expressing this need to their Senators by signing the petition to pass statewide rideshare legislation in Louisiana, just as more than 40 states across the country have done. The time is now.”

Local elected officials and business leaders in the Let’s Geaux Louisiana Coalition are advocating for a single set of statewide rules for ridesharing companies in Louisiana in an effort to create more economic opportunities and expand access to reliable transportation.

“We owe it to the people of Louisiana to let the free market work whenever possible,” said Stephen Waguespack, president, and CEO of LABI. “Expanding ridesharing in Louisiana is a win/win that will put consumers in control and boost local economies.”

“We need ridesharing in Alexandria to give us more transportation options – from families who lack access to a car to students who need reliable rides home to seniors who need rides to their doctors,” said Alexandria Mayor Jeff Hall. “When I represented Alexandria in Baton Rouge, I supported rules which would bring ridesharing throughout the state. This year, I support the measures again as a mayor. I really believe our legislators will come together to ensure that all Louisianans, even those in smaller communities, have access to affordable and reliable methods of transportation.”

“Central Louisiana deserves the same access to ridesharing that’s available in Louisiana’s biggest cities,” said Pineville Mayor Clarence Fields. “A statewide framework will bring ridesharing to Pineville, giving our residents the ability to earn extra income and get the reliable rides that they deserve.”

“We need Uber and Lyft in Louisiana to help prevent drinking and driving,” said Craig Smith of the Rapides Parish Police Jury. “When people have access to rideshare it’s a benefit to the entire community.”

“This year a bill is being filed again and we’re strongly supporting it along with other chambers and municipalities around the state,” said Deborah Randolph, President of the Central Louisiana Regional Chamber of Commerce President. “Alexandria has a beautiful airport and we deserve to have reliable transportation for visitors into our community as well as for our local residents. Our people tell us that they strongly want these services throughout Central Louisiana. Statewide regulations would end the difficulties of the current patchwork of local ordinances.”

“Rideshare services are a vital and an expected service for businesses and residents in thousands of communities across the country,” said Dr. Tim Magner, President of the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce. “It’s time for Louisiana to join with the more than forty other states in our country that have expanded access to reliable, convenient service in their communities.”

“Our elected officials should be doing everything in their power to keep people safe and keep drunk drivers off the road, which is why it’s time to bring ridesharing statewide,” said Victor Silvio, an Uber and Lyft driver-partner in Baton Rouge who lost his son to a drunk driver. “When people have access to a convenient ride, they make safer choices. Providing more people in Louisiana with access to ridesharing will help keep us all safe.”

The bill establishes one set of rules for the operation of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft in the State of Louisiana to replace the existing patchwork of conflicting local regulations. The bill requires background screening standards for TNC drivers and includes consumer protection provisions that strengthen the community of riders and drivers in Louisiana with requirements such as fare transparency, electronic receipts, and ease of identification of TNC vehicles and drivers.

For more information about on statewide ridesharing legislation and how it will help Louisiana, visit To sign the petition in favor of statewide rideshare, check the “Related Links” tab.

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