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How does business lobby grade Central Louisiana legislators?

July 23, 2019
Originally posted on The Town Talk

The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry released its annual legislative scorecard Monday, grading legislators based on their votes on pro-business legislation.

LABI is the largest business lobbying organization in the state.

“While the 2019 scores are a helpful indicator of which lawmakers are focused on pro-growth, job-creating solutions, the real story is the cumulative term total,” said Stephen Waguespack, LABI's president and CEO. “Legislators had to navigate an especially anti-business environment at the Capitol over the past four years, with tough battles, unique challenges and votes requiring particular courage on behalf of free enterprise.”

Among the successful legislation LABI supported this session was a $700 million infrastructure package and a bill to enact statewide regulations for ride-sharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft.

A package of bills LABI supported to enact legal reforms that supporters said would lower auto insurance rates failed.

Here's how Central Louisiana legislators were graded: 

  • Rep. Lance Harris: 76% term, 94% session
  • Sen. Gerald Long — 53% term, 55% session
  • Rep. Terry Brown — 46% term, 71% session
  • Rep. Robert Johnson — 28% term, 44% session
  • Rep. James Armes — 27% term, 53% session
  • Sen. Jay Luneau — 24% term, 39% session
  • Rep. Mike Johnson — N/A term, 100% session
  • Rep. Ed Larvadain — N/A term, 35% session

Johnson and Larvadain did not receive grades on their terms because they entered the Legislature in special elections in February.

The complete version of the scorecard can be found at under the “Resources” tab.