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Legislative Priorities.

Current Session Issues

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Health Care

LABI encourages a cost-effective, competitive health care market as an incentive to economic growth and development while assuring that consumers in Louisiana continue to receive high quality, accessible and affordable health care.

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Trade, Transportation and Tourism

LABI recognizes the direct correlation between a thriving business community and investing in a safe and sustainable transportation system, which stimulates economic growth and can withstand any political climate.  

LABI encourages the enactment and enforcement of state and federal laws and policies that promote long-term solutions to Louisiana’s transportation needs, free flow of national and international trade, and promotion of the state’s unique tourism attractions.

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ver the last 20 years, technology has drastically changed the way we live, work and socialize, and it will continue to rapidly evolve in the future. Innovations and technological advancements stimulate our economy, improve workplace training programs and make it easier for businesses to deliver goods and services to the ever-expanding marketplace.

In this new digital world, the relationship between technology developers and the businesses that rely on their products to operate is vital. It is important for businesses to partner with academic research and development institutions to help speed up the commercialization of budding technologies so these advancements can be brought to the marketplace more quickly.

The council will actively support technology policies that improve the strength and competitiveness of Louisiana businesses and industries in the global marketplace.

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Taxation and Finance

LABI will actively work for the enactment of fiscal policies that promote a stronger state economy, with a focus on private sector job creation. Businesses in Louisiana continue to pay a disproportionate share of the tax burden as compared with other states. For example, business pays about 70% of all property taxes in the state, primarily due to the generous $75,000 homestead exemption for residential homeowners, which is one of the highest in the country. Business also pays 100% of the corporate income and franchise taxes, over 50% of all state and local sales taxes, significant charges in the form of fees to governmental agencies, and small businesses pay a substantial portion of the personal income tax on their flow-through business income. LABI will promote constructive reforms that ensure our state’s economic development while securing sufficient revenues for appropriate government services at both the state and local levels.


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Small Business

The small business community in Louisiana plays a vital role in Louisiana’s economy. The growth of the economy in Louisiana will greatly depend on maintaining a healthy industrial base coupled with a thriving small business community. More than 75% of LABI’s membership is comprised of small businesses under 100 employees, so the organization recognizes the profound importance of small businesses to a vibrant economy. LABI also recognizes their concerns over the growing risk of liability associated with routine business operations and governmentally imposed costs and regulations.

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Governmental Reform

LABI encourages the enactment and enforcement of state laws and policies that promote honest, fair, transparent and responsible government and that allow all citizens to participate in the electoral and governmental processes. Businesses should be able to operate in an atmosphere in which the political arena is not a hindrance to economic development.

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Environmental Quality

LABI’s goal is to protect and improve the environment while maintaining a strong economic base.

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LABI represents energy producing, transporting and consuming industries. We will continue to support healthy economic growth of the state by promoting production of adequate supplies of all forms of energy at competitive prices, opposing increased taxes and fees on energy sources, encouraging conservation of resources, and balancing environmental concerns with energy production and usage.

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Employee Relations

  Bills are annually filed to expose employers to lawsuits and restrict their ability to manage their workforces efficiently and productively. The Employee Relations Council has succeeded in promoting legislation to make the Louisiana’s workers’ compensation (WC) system more balanced and less costly while ensuring quality medical care for injured workers. However, there will likely be attempts to erode some of these WC reforms.

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Education and Workforce Development

For years, Louisiana has shown commitment and dedicated resources to education reform and results in improved student achievement are being realized. Graduation rates are improving, along with ACT scores, and the achievement gap continues to lessen. There are more opportunities for school choice than most other states in the nation, and traditional public schools are responding to competition with additional course offerings such as Course Access and technical training in high school through programs such as Jump Start.

The challenge remains great. Our state still lags in the bottom third of most national rankings, and likely will continue to do so for a while as standards and assessments are raised to become as rigorous as other states.  Education and jobs are the paths out of poverty, and Louisiana’s citizens deserve the quality of life offered to citizens in prosperous states. LABI will continue to fight for students, taxpayers, and a quality workforce that can bring good jobs with benefits, and will fight against defenders of the status quo that benefits a few but not all. 

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Civil Justice Reform

U.S. Businesses ranked Louisiana’s judicial system last for fairness and reasonableness in a 2017 survey. It has received an “F” when it comes to judicial accountability. Louisiana liability exposure is a major concern to individuals, government, professionals and businesses, both large and small. We know for Louisiana’s economy to improve it is necessary that its civil justice system improve. We will fight to bring meaningful reform to Louisiana.

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