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Trade, Transportation and Tourism.

LABI recognizes the direct correlation between a thriving business community and investing in a safe and sustainable transportation system, which stimulates economic growth and can withstand any political climate.  

LABI encourages the enactment and enforcement of state and federal laws and policies that promote long-term solutions to Louisiana’s transportation needs, free flow of national and international trade, and promotion of the state’s unique tourism attractions.

Current Issues.

Air Transportation: Support the development of adequate air transportation facilities in Louisiana, including international air service. 

Ports: Actively support the development and improvement of port facilities and or services that enhance economic activities in Louisiana. Encourage initiatives that support global competitiveness of the state’s business and industries.

Port Priority Program: Actively support the port priority program in its endeavor to adequately fund port facilities in Louisiana relative to appropriate project priorities.

Commercial Transportation: Oppose legislation that would unreasonably discriminate against or unduly burden free flow of commercial transportation, and support legislation to streamline or enhance the efficiency relative to administrative regulations.

Trade: Support efforts that promote national and international trade opportunities for Louisiana businesses. Oppose legislation that restricts free trade.


Ongoing Issues.

Highway Priority Program: Support the use of objective criteria, including fostering economic development, to prioritize funding for state highway construction projects. Oppose allowing the Legislature to add or substitute projects in the final construction program.

Transportation Trust Fund: Support the integrity, adequacy and solvency of the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF).  Encourage responsible and practical proposals that optimize the utilization of the monies dedicated to the TTF.    

Economic Expansion: Support criteria that increase the level of economic activity for businesses and industries in Louisiana.  Support strategic planning proposals that prepare the state’s infrastructure for rapid economic and industrial growth.


Ongoing Policy.

River Pilotage: Monitor the effectiveness of Act 902 of the 2004 Regular Session pertaining to the regulatory structure for pilotage with the overall objective of establishing safe, reliable, and cost-effective pilot service.

Business Tax Burden: Oppose tax increases that would have a negative impact on trade, tourism or transportation.

Business Fees: Oppose fees and fee increases that exceed the cost of funding the programs for which they are assessed that would have a negative impact on trade, tourism or transportation.

International Tourism: Support continuation of tax-free shopping as an incentive to attract international tourists.

Tourism Promotion Funding: Support adequate revenues dedicated to the promotion of Louisiana’s unique tourism attractions, heritage and cuisine.

State Beautification: Support and encourage all reasonable efforts to eliminate litter in Louisiana, including anti-litter public campaigns and better enforcement of existing litter laws. Support and encourage state beautification efforts.

Free Enterprise: Oppose any government restrictions that would make Louisiana businesses less competitive relative to businesses in other states.

Flood Protection: Support regional flood protection oversight by boards that are nominated by professionals.

Disaster Recovery: Work with local, state, and federal officials and regulatory agencies to enhance the economic recovery of trade, tourism, and transportation industries damaged by natural disasters.



Courtney is Director of the Trade, Tourism, and Transportation Council. Courtney's responsibilities include enhancement of Louisiana's international trade, tourism industry and infrastructure.


Courtney Baker

Director, Trade, Tourism, and Transportation Council, LABI
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Terry Baugh

Chair, Trade, Tourism and Transportation Council
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