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Legislative Priorities.

Current Session Issues

The Louisiana Legislature is currently not in session. Check back as we will update this page with up-to-date session information.

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Health Care

LABI encourages a cost-effective, competitive health care market as an incentive to economic growth and development while assuring that consumers in Louisiana continue to receive high quality, accessible and affordable health care.

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Trade, Transportation and Tourism

LABI recognizes the direct correlation between a thriving business community and investing in a safe and sustainable transportation system, which stimulates economic growth and can withstand any political climate.  

LABI encourages the enactment and enforcement of state and federal laws and policies that promote long-term solutions to Louisiana’s transportation needs, free flow of national and international trade, and promotion of the state’s unique tourism attractions.

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Over the last 20 years, technology has drastically changed the way we live, work and socialize, and it will continue to rapidly evolve in the future. Innovations and technological advancements stimulate our economy, improve workplace training programs and make it easier for businesses to deliver goods and services to the ever-expanding marketplace.

In this new digital world, the relationship between technology developers and the businesses that rely on their products to operate is vital. It is important for businesses to partner with academic research and development institutions to help speed up the commercialization of budding technologies so these advancements can be brought to the marketplace more quickly.

The council will actively support technology policies that improve the strength and competitiveness of Louisiana businesses and industries in the global marketplace.

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Taxation and Finance

LABI will actively work for the enactment of fiscal policies that promote a stronger state economy, with a focus on private sector job creation. With a special session anticipated for addressing the structural problems existent within our state’s fiscal system, LABI will press for improvements in how the legislature creates the state budget. LABI will also endeavor to reverse the imprudent tax increases legislated last year through constructive reforms that ensure our state’s economic development while securing sufficient revenues for appropriate government services at both the state and local levels.


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Small Business

The small business community in Louisiana plays a vital role in Louisiana’s economy. The growth of the economy in Louisiana will greatly depend on maintaining a healthy industrial base coupled with a thriving small business community. More than 75% of LABI’s membership is comprised of small businesses under 100 employees, so the organization recognizes the profound importance of small businesses to a vibrant economy. LABI also recognizes their concerns over the growing risk of liability associated with routine business operations and governmentally imposed costs and regulations.

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Governmental Reform

LABI encourages the enactment and enforcement of state laws and policies that promote honest, fair, transparent and responsible government and that allow all citizens to participate in the electoral and governmental processes. Businesses should be able to operate in an atmosphere in which the political arena is not a hindrance to economic development.

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Environmental Quality

LABI’s goal is to protect and improve the environment while maintaining a strong economic base.

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LABI represents energy producing, transporting and consuming industries. We will continue to support healthy economic growth of the state by promoting production of adequate supplies of all forms of energy at competitive prices, opposing increased taxes and fees on energy sources, encouraging conservation of resources, and balancing environmental concerns with energy production and usage.

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Employee Relations

In last year's regular session, bills were advanced that would have exposed employers to lawsuits and restricted their ability to manage their workforce efficiently and productively. Although this year's session is largely dedicated to legislation on fiscal matters, legislators may still file some of these anti-employer bills again, and LABI will continue to defend against them. The Employee Relations Council has succeeded in promoting legislation to make Louisiana's workers' compensation (WC) system more balanced and less costly while ensuring quality medical care for injured workers. However, there will likely be attempts to erode some of the WC reforms LABI has obtained. While opportunities for additional reform are not anticipated, LABI will be ready to capitalize them should they materialize.

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Education and Workforce Development

Over the last two decades, Louisiana has made great strides in education reform. Our state offers more choice for quality educational opportunities than most other states. The traditional public school system continues to improve. We have become a national model for innovation and commitment to reform.

However, there’s still much more work to do. Student achievement indicators continue to lag behind the rest of the nation, while over $100 billion in new and expanded projects have been announced for the state. In order for our citizens to be able to participate in this economic boom, we need to have a trained, ready workforce. Workforce development is a top priority for LABI. It will only be achieved by defending high standards in K-12; supporting the Louisiana Community and Technical College System’s efforts to revamp the ways in which they provide training; and aligning higher education institutions’ missions with regional economic needs.

Of course, in order to maintain what we’ve already achieved, LABI will continue to play strong defense as attacks on reform by the defenders of the status quo come at us. We will give no ground. The future of the state literally depends on it.

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Civil Justice Reform

Liability exposure is a major concern to individuals, government, professionals and businesses, both large and small. The Legislature has heard those concerns and has brought about some much needed changes to our civil justice system. Still, there is plenty of work left to do to improve our legal climate.  We will fight to hold on to the gains made and to continue improving our civil justice system.

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