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Governmental Reform.

LABI encourages the enactment and enforcement of state laws and policies that promote honest, fair, transparent and responsible government and that allow all citizens to participate in the electoral and governmental processes. Businesses should be able to operate in an atmosphere in which the political arena is not a hindrance to economic development.

Current Issues.

Investigative Independence: Support efforts to ensure that the Ethics Board and Inspector General have the independence and focus to investigate and enforce substantive ethics laws against conflicts, abuse and corruption in state government.


  • Support the retention of an appropriate board or boards governing ethics for elected officials, public employees and lobbyists, and support the enforcement of existing laws. Monitor the activity and decisions of this board, particularly with regard to their effects on the business community and the election process.
  • Strengthen enforcement of Louisiana’s ethics law regarding campaign finance, lobbyist disclosure and implementation and enforcement of the Code of Ethics as it relates to public employees and elected officials.  Support storing ethics data in a form that is easily exportable for public consumption.
  • Support retention of a strong campaign finance disclosure law, including provisions to require full disclosure of all campaign contributions. Support the current rights of citizens and corporations to contribute to political campaigns, both individually and as legally constituted committees.
  • Support retention of a strong lobbyist disclosure law.
  • Actively oppose any unjustified weakening of the current ethics law.

Civil Service: Support legislation to reform civil service to achieve maximum efficiency in state government.

Public Access to Legislators: Oppose any efforts to limit and/or restrict public access to legislators and/or House and Senate chambers.

Fiscal Transparency: Support efforts to increase the transparency of state and local government operations and enhance public online access to information.

Government Efficiency: Support efforts to operate state government in a more efficient, cost-effective and fiscally responsible manner, including privatizing state government services where feasible, and encourage the utilization of technology.

Retirement Systems: Support consolidation and reform of state retirement systems, including elimination of early retirement after 20 years of service regardless of age for future state employees. Oppose any expansion of benefits or coverage in order to help ensure fiscally responsible funding and actuarial soundness of Louisiana’s public retirement systems. Support legislation that would raise the retirement age and/or increase the years of service needed for new state employees to retire. Support the use of surplus funds to pay down the unfunded accrued liability of the state retirement systems.

State Contracts: Support strengthening existing law that prohibits awarding state contracts for goods and services to any public official or his/her immediate family.

Government Appointments: Support efforts to change appointed governmental positions and certain elected positions to professional positions.

Little Hatch Act: Support “Little Hatch Act” provisions in the state constitution that prohibit state and local classified civil service employees from participating in certain partisan political activities while so employed.

Term Limits: Support legislation to limit the terms of all statewide elected officials. Continue to support existing law that limits the number of terms a person can serve in the Louisiana Senate and House of Representatives.

Boards and Commissions: Support legislation to promote experience and expertise by allowing individuals to serve on boards and commissions and to recuse themselves when an issue arises involving a conflict of interest.

Boards and Commissions: Support legislation that would require public or quasi-public boards and commissions to adhere to the same legal requirements and accountability standards as other public bodies. Also, support legislation to limit the number of terms a person can serve on certain boards and commissions.

Public Meetings/Public Records: Oppose efforts to weaken the Open Meetings Law, the Public Records Law, the Election Code, the Public Bid Law and the Local Government Budgeting Act; and protect the rights of individuals and organizations to full and open participation in governmental processes. Support extending the time period that a recorded public meeting is archived for public access and legislative intent.

Office of the Inspector General: Support efforts to protect the existence of the Office of Inspector General in state law.

Elections: Support legislation to reduce the number of election dates so as to maximize voter turnout.


Ongoing Policy.

Constitutional Convention: Continue to review historical information and develop criteria to determine if a constitutional convention should be called.

Initiative: Maintain Louisiana’s current referendum system, which requires that voters approve all changes to Louisiana’s constitution.

Judicial Reform: Support programs and legislation to foster judicial excellence, including, but not limited to, consolidating districts and court functions.


Brian Landry serves as Director of the Governmental Reform Council. In this capacity his responsibilities include all Governmental Reform issues that impact Louisiana's business community.


Courtney Baker

Director, Governmental Reform, LABI
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John Walters

Chair, Governmental Reform Council
Associated Builders and Contractors of Louisiana
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