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King and Queen Makers: The Power Behind the Power

April 20, 2018
Originally Posted on It’s Baton Rouge

In politics there are the kings, and then there are the king makers: political consultants who are the power behind the power.

In business, it’s not that different. There are the companies, and then there are the consultants, experts and industry associations who lobby on their behalf, help them shape their image, and guide them through crises with messages that will resonate with an increasingly skeptical public in an increasingly divisive time.  It might not surprise you to know that women are particularly adept at this.

Camille Conaway is Senior Vice President of Policy and Research at the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry. LABI, as it’s better known, is the voice of business in Louisiana, representing more than 2,000 employers statewide, and Camille leads public policy analysis, development and research initiatives across a range of issues important to LABI and the community. 

Christel Salughter is co-owner of SSA Consultants, a firm Christel runs with her husband, Bill Slaughter, which is the veritable consultanting firm to the stars in Baton Rouge, with a specialty in organizational design, strategic planning and leadership development. Christel’s client list is extensive and includes everything from major public companies to banks, healthcare institutions, universities, governments and nonprofit organizations. 

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